Companies often fall into the “too many platforms” trap, because they feel like they need to be everything to everyone to achieve social media success. Consequently, they jump onto every new platform as it becomes available. This leads to resources that are spread too thin and the embracing of habits, like the following, that hinder social media success:
Posting the exact same content on every platform or auto-posting from one platform to another
Few-and-far-between posting, because you can’t find the time to generate content for all your different platforms
Poor community management (i.e., not taking the time to respond to questions or reviews)
After we conduct an initial audit with each client, we ask them these same questions. Together we determine which platforms make the most sense for their brands.
Some of our clients take our audit and recommendation and run with them on their own. Most of our clients hire the Gianna Nicole Media team to do it for them, complete with content creation, community management, long-term strategy and daily posting. Sounds kind of nice, doesn’t it?
Curious what a social media audit would reveal about your brand? Looking for a little social media assistance? Contact us today!

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