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So Scottsdale – Up Close with Gianna Nicole

Aug 16, 2018

Artful Entrepreneurship A creative at heart, Gianna Nicole leads a multifaceted company that empowers others By Elizabeth Liberatore / Photos by Claudia Johnstone   A person with an entrepreneurial spirit has a knack for inspiring others. They are fueled by opportunities, collaboration and innovation. They are creators uninhibited by risk and they are natural-born leaders.…

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Trendsetters: AZ Foothills Magazine

Jul 22, 2018

Arizona Foothills Magazine recently had a Q&A session with Gianna.  Read the full article by clicking here

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Mar 7, 2018

Companies often fall into the “too many platforms” trap, because they feel like they need to be everything to everyone to achieve social media success. Consequently, they jump onto every new platform as it becomes available. This leads to resources that are spread too thin and the embracing of habits, like the following, that hinder…

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